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Yoga for every body

Yoga has the power to soothe and strengthen the body, steady the mind, and calm the spirit. 
Ruby Yoga offers a wide array of classes, designed to meet the needs of every body. We have sweaty, strong classes, slow and restorative classes, and classes designed for bigger bodies and limited mobility. We're always happy to talk about your needs and how we can help. 
We are also available for private lessons as well as corporate and small business yoga instruction, at our place or yours.


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Weekly Schedule

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Flow-ish Yoga

6:30 PM

Flow classes challenge students to build strength and flexibility. They are more vigorous than beginner and all-level classes, but modifications are available to make this practice your own.

Traditional Yoga (Tuesday)

9:30 AM

Students will connect movement with breath in this class. We'll work on balance, stretching, strengthening, breath work, and meditation.

Yoga Basics

6:00 PM

Ideal for new students or those who have been away from the practice for a time.

Yin Yoga

9:30 AM

Yin yoga is a slower, meditative practice targeting deep connective tissues by increasing Qi (energy) flow throughout the body and releasing blockages. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes, along with deep breathing, to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, lowering stress and anxiety.

Slow Yoga for All Bodies

5:00 PM

This class is designed for students of all abilities and experience levels who like to move a little slower through practice. It's a safe space for bigger bodies and anyone with limited mobility.

Flow and Restore Yoga

7:00 PM

In this class we will begin with mindful breath work, moving into gentle flows to warm our muscles. The second half of class will focus on restorative poses designed to invite deep relaxation. Appropriate for all levels.

Traditional Yoga (Thursday)

9:30 AM

Students will connect movement with breath in this class. We'll work on balance, stretching, strengthening, breath work, and meditation.

Strong & Serene

6:00 PM

Strengthening, stretching and serenity are the goals in this class. It's a nice combination of effort and ease that will complement practices of both beginner and seasoned yogis.

Happy Hour Yoga

6:30 PM

Start the weekend off right with centering and stretching in this fun and flexible all-levels class. Just enough movement to feel taller and looser as you head out for dinner, date night, or wherever the weekend takes you.

Gentle/Restorative Yoga

11:15 AM

Gentle stretching followed by restorative yoga will help you release stress and calm the mind.

Teen Yoga

1:00 PM

Our teen classes are designed to help students learn how to energize their bodies and calm their minds.  Weekly, we introduce techniques to use in daily life by learning how to reset ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally.  Each class covers a physical yoga practice, with a variety of poses.  Mindful breathing techniques are also offered as a wonderful way for students to develop self-regulation and self-reflection. Age-appropriate activities encouraging compassion, creativity, peace, gratitude, patience, listening, fairness, confidence, self-expression are also woven into the lessons. Journaling, short art projects and lessons about the scientific support behind their teen brains and nervous systems will also be introduced.

Lazy Sunday Restorative

4:00 PM

Identical to our Sunday morning restorative class except, well, it's in the afternoon, providing an opportunity for those with Sunday morning commitments to enjoy the benefits of healing rest.

Pebble Beach

"Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees."

B.K.S. Iyengar


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Straight from the Source

Laura creates a peaceful, nurturing atmosphere to practice yoga. With each class she offers a perfect blend of what we know how to do with a goal to work toward. Her little reminders of correct alignment, the need to breathe, and avoiding tension always come at just the right time.

Margo Mann Harris

She is one amazing instructor! Even if you have never done yoga she makes you feel like you belong. She is kind and awesome!

Flora Moats

Laura led the warm up at our half marathon race and everyone loved her. Very engaging and helped make sure everyone was ready to run.

Mark Harris

Laura pays attention to needs and abilities of each student in class and accommodates to individuals. She also varies content from class to class so it never gets too routine. A caring, skilled, energetic teacher.

Christine Andreae

Laura is so good about making yoga both easy and challenging. She's good at adapting and is a wonderful teacher.

Barbara Way

I have had the opportunity to watch Laura’s journey from fellow yogi student to instructor. Laura keeps every class “fresh” and helps everyone achieve their best “journey.”

Deb Myers